Gosa Market Demolition: Locals Threaten Shutdown Of Abuja Airport

There is growing concerns over the intent of government demolition of the popular GOSA market which has led to the displacement and destruction of properties and valuables worth millions of naira. The demolition exercise which took place today 24th March, 2018 has generated wide condemnation with some describing it as anti people.

The GOSA market which is located in GOSA community along airport road just before Kuje Area Council junction, has been there for over three decades and is widely patronized by both near by communities and even neighboring states because of its cultural and marketable goods and service content.

Gosa market is the only market the original inhabitants of FCT have relied on in the past decades. Report has it that it holds cultural and ancestral artifacts that cannot be traced in any open market in the middle belt and the entire north.

However, the Indigenous people of the FCT have threatened to shutdown the Umaru Musa Yar’adua express (airport) road if the Minister of FCT Alh. Muhammad Musa Bello and the government does not yield to their demand to rebuild and compensate the affected persons for their valuable immediately. Live feeds gathered from the scene of today’s protest clearly showed the readiness of the indigenous people of the FCT to embark on continuous agitation until there is a swift and favorable response from the government.

They also called on the FCT Minister Alh. Muhammad Musa Bello not to under rate their warning saying; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of his government insensitivity and cluelessness in leadership.

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