JUST IN: Kwankwaso’s Abuja Home Beseiged

The Home of PDP Presidential aspirant, Rabiu Kwankwaso was besieged by supporters on Wednesday morning. This development is coming a day after Kwankwaso was stopped from using the Eagles Square, Abuja to announce his presidential ambition.

An Eyewitness, Ojealoro wrote;



I came to my office at Maitama this morning. Kwankwaso’s house is situate about 2 blocks from my office. As I was about to drive into my office,I was mobbed by a northern mob. Honestly I was afraid that Fulani’s herdsmen have come to take over Abuja. But before I could guesstimate further I heard the sweet chants of Sai Kwankwasiyya,PDP,Kwankwaso for president. I had no option but to come down from my vehicle and join my fellow patriotic Nigerians. I removed my South-south hat and put on a red cap to blend with the crowd.

I come begin follow dem dance and na my voice “Sai Kwankwaso “ come even loud pass.

My brother,with the kind of northern crowd and their infectious passion that I witnessed this morning enh,look,APC is gone.very very gone’

kwans1 - JUST IN: Kwankwaso's Abuja Home Beseiged (PHOTOS)
kwans2 - JUST IN: Kwankwaso's Abuja Home Beseiged (PHOTOS)
kwans3 - JUST IN: Kwankwaso's Abuja Home Beseiged (PHOTOS)

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