Abuja natives vow to fish out Shiites members

Natives of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, said they are ready to partner security agencies in tackling security challenges allegedly posed by members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, in local communities.  

The natives also stated that they are ready to volunteer any useful information that may lead to arrest and possible prosecution of any member of Islamic Movement in Nigeria found breaching the laws of the land.  

Spokesman of the natives, Comrade Yusuf Yunusa, who made this position known while speaking to a section of the media in Abuja, also revealed that the natives arrived at this position after due consultations with traditional and political leaders of the land.  

He stressed that Abuja natives are very concern on the high level of insecurity allegedly posed by the presence of this Islamic group, adding that if government fails to address the security challenges, Abuja may become a battle ground for both the natives and Shiites members.  

“These people came to Abuja in large number to either forcefully or legally release their leader, Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, from detention without providing a means of livelihood during the period of their stay in Abuja.  

“Now that the situation has turned against them, they find it difficult to go back to their various states of origin, thereby, compounding the existing security challenges in the city. Our local communities are no longer safe, as we hear reported cases of rape and assault on our people.  

“Before now, we gave government 48 hours ultimatum to fish out Shiites members in the territory, but after due consultations with our traditional and political leaders, we are ready to partner with security agencies to fish out these undesirable elements from our communities.  

“We are concern because we know the repercussion of their presence in our communities. If not properly tackled, there might be bloodbath and most of you will relocate to your various states of origin for safety. To us as natives, we don’t have any place to call our own except this city. Therefore, we have to guard it jealously,” he stated.  

The spokesman also warned any group planning to create division among the natives aimed at achieving their selfish desires, stressing that such plans will meet a brick-wall.  

It could be recalled that the Abuja natives had a week ago accused supporters of the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, of rape and physical assaults on defenseless women in local communities of the territory.  

The natives also called on federal government to urgently address the security challenges faced in local communities before it snowball to a full blown war between the natives and supporters of the Islamic leader.  

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