Abuja Residents Doctors Embark On Warning Strike Over N20M Salary Arrears.

ABUJA-Members of National Association Residents Doctors (NARD), Federal Medical Centre, Jabi, Abuja have embarked on a three-day warning strike over non-paymet of shortfalls in their salaries.

They took the decision to down tools during their emergency congiress at the hospital premises, yesterday.

Justifying the industrial action, Dr Adejo Arome, NARD President, FMC Jabi-Abuja chapter, claimed the money meant for payment of the salary shortfalls had been deposited into the hospital account in December 2019 but was not disbursed.

He noted that N20 million was released by Federal Govemment to påy the resident doctoIs the Decernber Salary shorfall arrears but stressed that the hospital account section had yet to pay.

Though the Acting Medical Director of the hospital was willng to pay the arrears, he was advised otherwise by Mr: Bako Achi, the hospital’s Head of Accounts,” he alleged

He said the doctors would only rescind their decision, if concrete evidence was given to them to show sincerity of purpose on the part of the hospital’s management.

Arome said, “The acting MD placed a call to the Accountant in my presence in respect of the N20 million released, but he failed to pick his call.

“We would only backdown on the strike, if we receive alert as evidence of payment for the December 2019 salary shortfall arrears, or a document signed by the hospital managing director directing the Accountant to pay the shortfalls.”

He also claimed that as at yesterday the hospital’s management had done nothing tangible to prevent the industrial action.

Besides the warning strike, the resident doctor called for the redeployment of Mr Bäko Achi, accusing himof insubordination, and other actions that constitute barrier to their progress.

ln a unanimous vote, the resident doctors also called for auditing of the hospital’s internally generated Revenue last December.

They stressed the need for the hospital s manage
ment to declare its position on the status of contract doctors in the tertiary health institution.

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