Christmas Celebration: Consumers Worry Over Rising Cost of Food Items

As Nigerians make final preparations for the Christmas celebration, consumers based in Port Harcourt have expressed worries over the rising cost of food items in the market.

The celebration of Christmas, an annual festivities marked by Christians, are usually accompanied by huge shopping and sales; but the situation this year is perhaps different following consumers complain of the steady hike in cost of food items, especially rice, tomatoes, onions amongst others.

The traders on their part blame the hike in prices of food items on the EndSARS protests which led to wholesalers and farmers to increase their prices.

While Nigerians continue to battle the rising cost of food items, economic watchers say inflation, devaluation of the Naira, and insecurity are responsible for the surge in prices of food items.

As at Wednesday, 22nd of December, a bag of Rice is sold between 35 to 40,000 Naira.

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