Abuja Grassroots Accuses FCT Minister of Deliberately Refusing to Setup Panel Over Police Brutality, Plan Massive Protests

…..Plans massive protest in next 48 hours.

By Ephraim Joshua

A group under the aupices of Abuja Grass Roots Project, (AGRP) has accused the FCT Minister Mal. Muhammadu Musa Bello over what they discribed as a deliberate attempt of refusing to setup panel of enquiry to investigate police brutality in the FCT.

Chief Advocate and convener of the group Yunusa Yusuf, also known as Buhun Barkonun Abuja, who expressed worries in Abuja on Tuesday said though, the Minister’s children and love ones may have not been brutalized “but am sure so may have their petitions to submit against some bags in the FCT”

He said the FCT Minister’s deliberate refusal to constitue the panel is a clear indication that the Federal Government lied to the youths about their commitment to fulfill the 5 To 5 demands during the #Endsars movement.

Chief Advocate Yunusa, also expressed doubt over the the panel of enquires setup to receive petitions across the various states in Nigeria, discribing it as cajoling process just to deceive Nigerians.

“I am observing this because i remembered my role stoping the continuation of the EndSARS movement hence the Federal Government promised and assured Nigerians that Panel of enquiries were going to be setup but, to my disappointment months after the FCT Minister have not set up” he queried.

He further threatened that Abuja Grassroots will resume a massive protest commencing from the Minister’s main entrance gate should the FCT Minister fail to constitue the #Endsars pannel to accept petitions from victims of the Abuja Police brutality as outline by the President in his commitment broadcast instructing all states and FCT to constitute panel of enquiry and ensure compensations are made as he President made a follow up in his new year 2021 speech of enquiry in the next 48 hours.

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