FCT Area Councils Elected Officials To Enjoy 4yrs Tenure – Senate Committee Chair on INEC

As part of the Repeal and Enactment of a new Electoral Act 2020, the six Area Councils in the FCT are to enjoy same term of office with the National Assembly. This according to Senator Kabiru Gaya is to ensure optimum performance by the elected officials.

Gaya said, “Since the National Assembly legislate on the Federal Capital Territory, we amended the tenure of the local government chairmen within the FCT.

“We believe that if we leave a chairman to serve for three years, they cannot record any concrete achievement.

“They would be undergoing the learning process in their first year and start implementing their own projects in the second year, while they will be preparing for elections in the third year. This means that they have just one year to really work effectively.

“However, if we increase their tenure to four years, they will have two out of the four years to work. That is why we have proposed that the tenure for local government chairmen should be increased to four years.”

it therefore presupposes in my own opinion that they may not be Area Council Elections in 2022.

Source: NASS Joint Technical Committees on Repeal and Enactment of the Electoral Act 2020

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