Revenue Diversion: Former Wife of AMAC Chair Assaults Official

The ex-wife of Hon. Abdullahi Adamu Candido, Chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council, AMAC, has assaulted a level 13 revenue officer Omale Yakubu Shehu of the council for insisting on due process in revenue collection and payment.
Trouble started for Omale on Friday, September 4, 2020 when he protested and stopped a cheque written in favour of the council from being transferred to the company owned by the former wife of the chairman, Ayigorja Global Services Ltd.

This incident happened on Friday, September 4, between myself and a technical partner of the council who happens to be former wife of the chairman of the council”.

One of our primary roles is to block revenue leakages. A lot of AMAC revenue have been diverted,” the official said.

According to him, a cheque was written in the name of AMAC but a staff of the technical partner wanted the cheque to be cancelled and raised in the company’s (Ayigorja Global Services Ltd) name, a move which he resisted.

I have never seen where an agent will collect money on behalf of the principal and wants to keep it. So, I gave them my ID card so that they will know that what I am doing is not illegal. They acknowledged the receipt of that cheque on reaching the office it was late for the cheque to be lodged in the bank, so it was left on my desk. As I was about leaving the office, the technical partner and CEO of Ayigorja Global Services Ltd came in with three people – her younger sister, followed by one other boy.

Once the two of them entered the boy blocked the door before I could say anything she started slapping me she then scattered my table and went away with the two cheques which I am yet to see till this moment.”

The revenue official revealed that the AMAC was facing dwindling revenue as a result of funds diversion into private cooperate accounts. “As I am talking to you I have all the facts even some technical partners are collaborating with banks to defraud the council. I did not just jump into this, I was trained by ICPC under the anti-corruption Transparent Unit,” he said.

When contacted, the AMAC chairman, Abdullahi Candido, said human beings were prone to errors, therefore, the assault was nothing amiss.

He disclosed that the council was aware of the assault and had taken measures to resolve the issue using internal conflict resolution.

We have faulted the technical partner and I think we are set to go as far as conflict resolution. The person in question has apologized, so there is nothing more.”

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