Abuja Grassroots Leader Tells NASS To Hasten Social Media Regulations Over Incitement, False Allegations on Property Developer

Abuja Grassroots Leader Tells NASS To Hasten Social Media Regulations Over Incitement, False Allegations on Property Developer

The Chief Advocate of a group of Abuja Grassroots Advocacy Project (AGARP) Comrade Yunusa Yusuf, has urged residents to stop accusing estate developers of sponsoring Fulani herdsmen, who uses compensation as means of seeking peace pate with communities to achieve peaceful co-existence in a multi-religious and multiple-ethnic society

Comrade Yunusa who made this known during a press briefing advised youth to eschew hatred, conflicts, suspicion and imputation of motive to attract national development.

He said there been the age-long relationship between the Managing Director and Chief officer of T Pumpy Concept Ltd, Mr. Aderalegbe Akintoye and the FCT community leaders, wether the Gbagyi and the Fulani’s living in FCT or other indigenous tribes and should not be aggravated by political and religious irredentist assisted by irresponsible social media opportunist.

If not for selfish reason why would someone come out on a broadday light and accuse Mr. Aderalegbe compensating the Fulani’s who’s hut/settlement were found on his land meant for development, as a sponsorer of bandits?. The settlement of either the indigenous people for economic trees falling under developers properties or the Fulani’s settlement has been a customary right in the FCT in order to always avoid conflicts of interest.

“But, where desperate persons seek relevance, any straw can be held on to gain cheap social media points. Nigerians should not fall for the propaganda, whether from the politicians or from tribal or religious bigot.

“A deep look at what was presented to the Fulani settlers as compensation for a settlement the community gave to them in decades. Imagine some persons videoed the transaction and that what is being presented and circulated at the social media today as cash been used to sponsor bandits in FCT. People should fear God irrespective of religion or cultural affiliation.

“We as mediating teams/ indigenous organization created means to address the economic and social friction between the indigenes, Fulani settlers and the developers so that nobody will feel marginalized, cheated or shortchanged” he said.

Speaking on the social media regulations, he urged National Assembly members to take more drastic measures in addressing the social media regulatory Bill to curtailed the activities of blackmailers/ unregistered media and bloggers using the social media as an advantage to slander images and respected characters in the name trying to meet up with there evil motives. This same social media speculators are same people during the just ended #Endsars movement almost inflamed the country” he said.

He said that Nigeria was not a circular nation, but “a multi-religious/ multi-tribal nation.

Let me seize this opportunity to let Nigerians know that there is nothing like that here in Abuja, all we have is peaceful co-exitence and we are peaceful people.

“It is also important that whatever is due to both religions must not be denied them on account of religion. Peace has always been practiced for the past 200 years here in Abuja” he said.

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